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Female Pattern Baldness

Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

Female pattern alopecia differs significantly from the Norwood Pattern seen in men. Women tend to lose hair in a diffuse pattern over the central scalp, sparing the hairline. The hair loss may even spread to the temples and occipital region, limiting the supply of donor hair for a hair transplant.  Postmenopausal women can sometimes lose hair in more of a male pattern, with recession limited to the fronto-temporal areas. A third pattern sometimes seen in women is the “Christmas Tree Pattern” which involves the central scalp extending from the hairline back toward the crown.

Regardless of pattern, female hair loss will generally require a medical evaluation prior to scheduling a hair transplant.  We must rule out medically treatable diseases or conditions that may not be stable or amenable to transplant.  Once stable female pattern baldness has been diagnosed, women may benefit tremendously from hair transplant- especially younger women with early onset symptoms.