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Hair Transplant Consultation

Pre-Op Instructions

Pre-op Instructions

Before Surgery

  • Wash your hair the day before surgery with Hibiclens and your regular shampoo  in a 50/50 ratio, let sit for a minute and then rinse out. Do not wash your hair the day of the procedure.
  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • Wear a button down shirt or something easily removable
  • Please arrive at the office no later than 8:30 am. You will be receiving sedation in our office, so you will not be able to drive home and should arrange a ride.
  • Medications given will include an antibiotic and a sedative.
  • Complete your medical questionnaire and sign your consent forms before the surgery begins.
  • Please review and follow the recommendations for foods and herbal supplements that should be avoided prior to surgery as they contain aspirin-like (blood thinning) qualities and can complicate the surgery.
  • Pre-operative photos will be taken for your chart only unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Please consider what hairstyle you will wear for your procedure. The donor site will need to be shaven down to skin level. A short haircut will allow others to see you have had surgery vs. a long haircut will enable us to comb your hair over the donor site and provide some camouflage. However, some men prefer a short cut so that the donor site will “blend in” more quickly as hairs regrow  there.
  • Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We want you to be well informed.
  • Smoking is strongly prohibited as this will delay your wound healing time.
  • If you color your hair, it is recommended that you color your hair a few days before your procedure. After the procedure, you must wait 6-8 weeks before you can color your hair again and a semi-permanent color should be used instead of a permanent hair color that may cause damage to your new grafts. Permanent hair color can be used 3 months after your surgery.

During the Procedure

  • You may bring your own books or music as long as it is appropriate for everyone, we generally provide music and television.
  • At any time during the procedure you may use the restroom.
  • We will break  for lunch if your procedure is scheduled for the entire day.
  • Friends and family are not allowed in the surgery room when the procedure is being done, however they will be allowed to visit and check on your progress. .